So I have been hired to take food photography for EatStreet and Hankr. Don’t know who they are? Check them out. or Click Here to see a group of the images I have taken as a whole at Hankr.

Just a few of the restaurants I have taken pictures of so far:

  • Ardy & Ed’s Drive In
  • Dockside Tavern Food & Spirits
  • Ground Round – River’s Edge
  • Jade Dragon
  • Los Jaripeos
  • Lunch Box
  • The Brooklyn Grill
  • The Hangar Bar and Grill
  • Rose Subs
  • Niko’s Gyros
  • The Roxy Supper Club
  • Fox River Brewing Company Waterfront
  • Benvenuto’s Italian Grill
  • Primos
  • Chester V’s
  • The Bar
  • South of the Boarder
  • Granary
  • Manila
  • Beckets
  • Gardina
  • ZaRonis
  • The Ruby Owl Tap Room

More to come down the road.