1. Depending on how old your kids are, make sure you set expectations for them and make it fun for everyone. We recommend that you start preparing your kids in advance. A few days before the photo shoot, start talking to your children and let them know what to expect:
      • Tell them where the photo shoot will take place
      • Let them know how long the family session will last
      • Explain what is expected of them during the photo shoot
  2. Making sure you feed those hungry hippos is obviously important, no one is going to want to see your kids being all “hangry”. Also make sure your kids are getting enough sleep before the photoshoot so there isn’t any crankiness or puffy eyes. Scheduling your session later in the day might be the best fit for you and your family.
  3. If you have multiple children, let everyone have their shining moment. Most kids want to get as much attention as possible so it’s important to let all of your kids have their moment so they never feel left out. Make sure to arrange for a few pictures of each child alone. This will help them feel special. If your kids have an activity they excel at, this is a great time to show it off. Bring your child’s tennis racket, violin, dance shoes, or any other prop that speaks to what makes them special and unique.
  4. No matter if you only have 1 kid or five, you still need all the time in the world to get ready. Most likely you’ll never have enough time but plan accordingly. Sometimes you have to be selfish so make sure you’re all dressed, have your hair styled and your makeup applied before you help your kids get ready. This will reduce your stress level before the family photo session and ensure you look your absolute best.
  5. We love dogs as photographers, they bring a lot of joy to any session but… they can be a little bit of work.
    • Have a friend come to monitor the dog when it’s not part of the pictures
    • Bring treats and toys to help ensure your dog cooperates
    • If your dog is hyper and doesn’t follow commands well, you may want to consider leaving it home
  6. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!
    • Give your spouse a playful kiss on the cheek every once in awhile
    • Don’t be afraid to pick your kids up and lighten the mood in between pictures
    • Be affectionate with each other
    • Tell jokes and keep everyone laughing
    • If your family likes certain things like football or board games, bring it all. Your photos should reflect who you are as a family as well as who you are individually so pack anything and everything that helps showcase that.