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Capturing Life
Through My Lens.

Long ago, my grandfather gave me random (so I thought) gifts of his old cameras, which I now have over 50 of them!  They remind me of him every time I see them and how he started the spark of interest in photography.   

I love to explore great locations for photo sessions. I follow the light where ever it takes me, to see nature, light and the subject all connect.

Whether its for your business or personal life, I enjoy helping others share their story… 

Let’s connect over coffee!!

Let’s share your story!

Why Choose Me?

Professional Equipment
Investing in quality equipment to provide a solution to all photo and video needs. From cameras to lenses to lighting for photo and video, I have an variety to fit any need.
I have been taking photos for over 11 years professionally, but I have been passionate for over 20 years capturing moments.
Multiple Cameras
We all know technology can sometimes fail, but rest assure, I always have 3 camera bodies and many lenses, batteries and more with me. And sometimes even a second photographer!
Quick Turnarounds
I am thorough and always keeping in touch along the way to finalizing your images or videos. And I always make your deadline.
Video & Editing
You are always part of the process. No matter if additional edits or just want to know how the process is going.
Location Scouting
I love finding new locations. For the best light and style for you session. And if you have a favorite memorable spot, love to see it!

Professional Experience

What to Expect…           FUN!

This is a special day, whether it’s celebrating your entrance into adulthood, your family ties, getting married, perhaps a new career or its part of your career… what ever the occasion is, this MOMENT is happening now and may happen just once in your life. So let’s make this day, this moment, a day to remember. 

Depending on your session type, bring your family, bring your mom, your bff, your pet or all the above and let’s get your session scheduled!

                                   BUT FIRST …….COFFEE! Let’s chat!

First we will have a pre-session consultation.  This can be over the phone, in person, by text, email or all of the above! But I prefer in person over some COFFEE!  

I want to get to know you and what makes you tick.  It’s gives me an idea of what you want out of your images.  It is important for me to know what you are desiring.


Are you a country chic, or are you urban?  Do you love fashion, hunting, or is dance and sports in your blood.  If I know these things ahead of time, I can give you more of what you are looking for.  In your pre-consultation, we will cover topics such as what you plan to wear, how many outfits to bring along and some possible locations. 

I want to ensure we make this day about you, your family, your style and let your personalities shine through.

Day of session is all about having fun and making memories.


If you have questions on outfits,  Text me a picture! Love to see your style!

Editing takes time.  I hand edit most of my images.  Meaning each image is touched with my artistic eye.  Weddings may take up to 12 weeks.  Each session is always getting my full attention to detail and lots of TLC.  I value the quality of my work and as an artist I need to be able to work on them in sets and come back again, thus working on other sessions in between, this allows me to look at your photos with a fresh set of eyes.

I know it’s hard to wait.  But my goal is to give you the best quality of work I can give you in every session.


If you have questions, call or text (920-509-7178) anytime.

I will respond as soon as I am able.

Editing may take some time.  Due to volume of work and workload.  Wedding may take up to 12 weeks to finalize.  I know its hard to wait so I will try and stay in touch and send you some screen shots from time to time. 

Once done, sometimes picking your print packages can feel daunting.  My goal is to walk you though the whole process.  When the images are done, we will book a viewing session.  We will discuss your ideal products that you are looking for. If, at this session, you know what you want, we can order right here at this session.  If you just  need a bit more time, we can make a secondary ordering session to complete the order.

We will start by watching a slideshow of your images.  After that we will go through your images and create exactly what YOU want.  I will show you the samples again and you will be able to see and touch many of the products I offer.  You will leave your Viewing/ordering session knowing EXACTLY what you are getting and so much more!You may bring your family, friends or anyone you would like to bring, however make sure the people who need to make those ordering decisions are with you. 

No print minimum, but I do offer tier pricing incentives. 

I will go over this system at the Pre-consultation and again at the ordering session. 

The average client invests between $1200-$6500 for their custom photography experience.

Prints and products will be hand delivered. Digitals are downloadable off my proofing site.  


So are you ready?  Give me a call 920-509-7178 and let’s schedule your session TODAY!!

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