Preparing for your photos could be stressful, but if you follow these steps, it can be just as fun as your wedding:

  1. When getting your hair color cut and/or colored, schedule your appointment 1-2 weeks beforehand.
  2. GET YOUR NAILS DONE!!! Now is the time to treat yourself so if you want your ring to sparkle, make sure people aren’t focusing on undone nails and are looking at your gorgeous diamond
  3. Plan your session outfits ahead of time. Pinterest is an amazing place to get inspiration or ask your photographer if they have an “Engagement Session – What to Wear Guide”. After you buy your outfits, sometimes time has passed depending on the type of planner you are, so be sure to try them on again a few days before in case you need to exchange anything.
  4. Get that ring cleaned!!! Chances are you’ve been engaged for a bit, celebrating, and showing it off. With all of that attention, it’s likely that your ring is a bit dirty. AND trust me, no one wants to see a dirty ringin those pictures.

Next is picking out your perfect location, here’s some examples:

  • A park you spent a lot of time together
  • Your favorite coffee shop
  • Local brewery
  • Carnival/amusement park
  • Baking or cooking in your home
  • Lifestyle/inside your home
  • Downtown
  • Food trucks
  • The farmers market
  • Vacation (destination)
  • Local cat cafe

Be prepared for anything and everything:

  • WATER! Especially in the summer months.
  • A pack of gum – there will be lots of kissing!
  • Small makeup kit for touch-ups on lip color and foundation
  • Hair kit – brush, hair ties, bobby pins, gel, and spray!
  • SNACKS! – don’t be hangry. Leave the Cheetos at home.
  • Extra change of clothes
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Umbrella 
  • A small towel for dabbing sweaty foreheads
  • Medicine for headaches