In the midst of a very busy Senior photo season, we’ve decided to take on a new project, a never ending project. It is to be a series that says one thing to those who are featured… THANK YOU! Thank you for making a difference to our communities, for giving your time and efforts to make the world a better place for all of us! In short, we will be giving sessions to those who are making a difference. Or, if you know of anyone who deserves to be recognized, please contact us! Welcome to  “Random acts of photography”! For our first edition, we’d like to introduce Dennis Pomeroy! Dennis is currently a police officer with the city of Portage here in Wisconsin. From his role as “McGruff” the crime dog, as well as being a DARE and patrol officer for the community of Portage. We certainly think he and his family would make a great place to start this new project! Cattail Creek Photography would like to say THANK YOU Dennis, AND to your family for your sacrifices for all of us!