Let me ask you an introspective question.

Look at your headshot, the ones you have out on LinkedIn, your website, social media, and marketing pieces, and ask yourself what your image is telling your potential clients.

And be honest.

  • How old is it?
  • How was it taken: with a cell phone, by a friend, or as a selfie?
  • Where was it taken: at a gathering,  with groups but cropped, back yard, bedroom?
  • Is it dark and muddy or light and vibrant?

Headshots are one of the few things that give your business a face. And it takes a few seconds for someone to judge you and your business based on your headshot.  It’s a personalized branding preference on style, from formal, classy but casual, and lifestyle-typed headshots and perhaps you even want a few of each.  But whatever your choice is, it should still portray a sense of professionalism. It should embrace a bit of who you are and what you are about.  Think of headshots as part of your logo.  Your headshot is just as much of your branding as your logo.  So make it your visual voice.